Frequently Asked Questions about the Schedule


There are two times for Pageant Check-In. Do I go to both?
No - you just choose one. This is where you will turn in your paperwork (which consists of your Resume, Optional Contest cards, Emcee Card, etc. - the blank forms will be mailed to you before your State Pageant). You will also turn in your Community Involvement Donation, take care of Final Show Tickets, & pay any outstanding balance that you may have. Attending the EARLY CHECK-IN is highly recommended, as this will make the next day much smoother for you.


What is the Crash Course?
Just like it sounds! It is a review of all required competitions. You will practice & receive a feedback sheet. It is optional to attend & is $25/ family to attend. Magazine #2 has more details.

What is the Get Acquainted Party?
Free to attend & for contestants only. A great chance to meet new friends, our pageant choreographers and mentors, & the current NAM royalty.

What is the Orientation Kick-Off?
This is the Official Kick-Off to your State Competition and you are required to attend.

What is the Spotlight Contest?
We recognize, on stage, those girls who participate in our Optional Spotlight Program. Each girl is spotlighted on stage and receives her prizes. Check out the Spotlight Magazine to find out how you can be spotlighted in print and on stage. CLICK HERE.

What is the Spirit of America Award?
We recognize those girls that earn this beautiful trophy. Details can be found in the "competitions" tab in Magazine #2.

It says Final Shows are the only ticketed event. So, does that mean everything else is free to watch?
YES! However, the Interview competition & Optional Top Model & Red Carpet Correspondent contests are closed to an audience.

Who needs a ticket to the Final Show (also referred to as the Finale)?
Everyone attending the Finale needs a ticket, except the State Finalist and anyone under the age of three (and that child must be held in a parents' lap because we sell tickets for all seats). Also, escorts are only used during the Formal Wear competition. So, if your escort is coming to the Final Show, he will need a ticket.

What happens at the Final Show?
This is the Grand Finale of your NAM Experience! Every girl participates in it. This LIVE show will feature professional staging, lighting, entertainment...& of course, HER! The show will begin with our State Finalists performing their Opening Dance Number, wearing their Opening Production Number T-Shirt. Then each girl will change into her Formal Wear Dress to be presented on stage in the spotlight. This is our chance to recognize her for her hard work & determination throughout this whole experience. There are no SCORES given out at this time. All scoring will have taken place during the preliminary competitions that are shown on your schedule. We will also be recognizing our optional contest award winners during the Finale. And we will have the announcement of the top semi-finalists (the girls who scored the highest from the required competitions), the Runners-up, & the crowning of the new State Queen!